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Windsurfing in Tarifa

  • Tarifa, the wind capital of Europe, lies on the Atlantic Ocean west of the Strait of Gibraltar, on the Costa de la Luz. 
In the early 80's this was an unknown place, until a group of windsurfers “discovered” it, and the word spread out fast, to the point that Tarifa even hosted world championship competitions.
  • The two main winds are the westerly and the easterly. There are plenty of spots in Tarifa, the best kown is Playa de Valdevaqueros, a beautiful beach that has excellent windsurfing conditions when the westerly wind blows; this beach landmark is a massive sand dune at its west corner. If the wind is to strong in Valdevaqueros, you can move to Bolonia beach.
  • Other spots include Playa de los Lances and Playa Chica, the latest only from autumn till spring and when easterly blows.


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