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About Tarifa

About Tarifa | Info on Tarifa



Population: 18,000 - Altitude: 7 Mt - Website: www.aytotarifa.com

Tarifa, Europe’s wind capital and the most southern town in the whole continent, lies on the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Strait of Gibraltar, and just a few miles from the African coast of Morocco.

Tarifa is one of the Andalusian locations that attracts more people during the summer months, thanks to its 38 km of white sandy beaches, it's also the European mecca of windsurf and kitesurf.

A place for fun and entertainment in the hot summer months, Tarifa is in essence still a quite and rural community, divided between tourism, fishing and farming.
 Tarifa’s old town is a magic place, with its Moorish maze of narrow and winding streets, surrounded by white houses, packed with shops, restaurants, hostels and bars.

Tarifa’s name comes from the Arab “Al Yazirat Tarif”, Tarif’s Island, and was given in 710 by the Muslim commander Tariq, who just entered the Iberian peninsula to start a domination that lasted more than 700 years.
 Today Tarifa is a tourist destination with a distinctive character, definetely marked by the “wind factor”, a constant presence in the town’s life. 


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