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Rock Climbing in Antequera

  • Antequera is located on the mountain chain that rises behind Malaga, the Cordilleras Subbéticas. It is located about 550 meters above sea level and overlooks a fertile valley, bounded on the south by the Sierra del Torcal, a collection of gray limestones that give life to incredible shaped stones.
  • El Torcal, as it is called by locals, is divided into four parts: Sierra Pelada, Torcal Alto, Torcal Bajo and Tajos y Laderas. Probably you would climb the highest peak, called the Camorra de las Siete mesas in the Torcal Alto, 1336 meters high.
  • If you are still a beginner do not worry, there are many climbing routes which are more easy and comfortable.
    In total there are 200 climbing routes, divided into sectors with each sector hosting various routes blocks to climb.



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