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About Malaga

About Malaga | Info on Malaga



Population: 568,500 - Altitude: 11 Mt - Website: www.malagaturismo.com

Malaga is the second biggest city in Andalusia, after Seville, and the capital of the famous Costa del Sol. Set directly on the Mediterranean Sea, Malaga boasts a major port and a wonderful old town.

Founded by the Phoenicians in 770 BC, who named it Malaka, the city was conquered by the Romans and by the Moors who ruled for over eight hundred years, before the Catholic Reconquest in 1487 put an end to Al Andalus (it was how Andalucia was named by the Arabs).

Today Malaga is a bustling city, thriving in culture, full of theaters and museums. Malaga has been gifted by a fantastic climate, with an average of 300 sunny days a year, so people here enjoy outdoor’s living a lot, that’s why clubs, bars and chirnguitos scattered along the waterfront, are always full.
The city has a newly expanded major international airport and an industrial estate which promises to become the future Silicon Valley.

Malaga is known all over the world also for being the birthplace of two arts celebrities: the painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso who was born here in 1881, and that’s being honored by the beautiful Picasso Museum in the old town; and the second celebrity being the actor Antonio Banderas, who regularly attends Malaga’s processions during Semana Santa (Easter).


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