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Kitesurfing in Tarifa

  • Tarifa is a heaven for kite surfers, a town consistently beaten by the winds due to its location, near the Strait of Gibraltar. Being the most southern point of Europe, from its shores you feel you could just swim to the nearby Moroccan coast, where the African continent begins.
  • Tarifa’s beaches are long and wide, made of soft white sand washed by the clear blue Atlantic waters; these beaches never feel too crowded, so most of the times launching and landing procedures can be done safely.
  • One of the best spots is Playa de Los Lances, which then becomes Playa Dos Mares, with a section of the beach devoted to kiteboarding.
 The Valdevaqueros beach is another good spot but only when the easterly wind kicks in. Usually it comes in later than other places but when it does is more constant and less gusty.


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