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Cycling in Marbella

  • Cylcing and mountain biking in Marbella is a great experience, for several reasons, the unbeatable climate, the conditions of the terrain, the mix between the city on the Mediterranean coast and the mountains just behind Marbella.
  • There are a lot of options when it comes to use a bike here, for the beginners or the ones that just want to ride and relax, Marbella itself with its promenade is for sure the best solution, cycling in the sun while looking at the buzzing beaches.
  • While for mountain bikers there are spectacular routes like the one from Marbella to the village of Istan, a white village set in the Sierra Blanca at 15 kilometers from the coast, and challenging ones like the road that will take you to Ronda, a round trip of more than 90 kilometers of steep mountain.


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