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Cycling in Alcala de Guadaira

  • Alcalá de Guadaira is located 10 km southeast from Seville, in an area called Los Alcores. The town spreads on the banks of the Guadaira river, from which Alcala takes its name, a river that offers shelter to many wildlife species.
  • There are several cycling trails in this area, most of which are marked as moderate or difficult. During the summer the heat can reach high peaks, over 40 degree, so you need to be well equipped.
  • An interesting and easy trail is the Puerta Verde route. It’s a car free trail that connects Alcala de Guadaira with the University Pablo de Olavide in the outskirts of Seville. You will ride past the mills and the Marchenilla castle, cycling along the Guadaira river bank immersed in the beautiful Seville countryside.


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